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Bhutan is a small and unique country in the Himalayas situated between Tibet and India. It is the last Buddhist Kingdom in the world and a country where culture and traditions have remained intact. Tucked in an unspoiled scenery of the Himalayan landscape, primeval forest, and traditional villages make the journey to Bhutan a worthwhile experience. The pristine environment and harmonious society of Bhutan present it as the "The Last Shangri-la" in the world. Bhutan is a Buddhist country with Dozankha as a national language. The country's landscape ranges from lush subtropical plains to the snow-capped peaks and stretches up to 38,394 sq km in area. Being a culturally unique country, men and women wear traditional clothing to work. Bhutan is also known to stand out from the world for its sustainable use of the environment. It is the world's only carbon-neutral country. It is a country where environmental protection and cultural preservation go hand in hand. Smoking, as well as hunting and fishing, are illegal in this land. The Bhutanese people believe in the philosophy of Gross National Happiness rather than mere economic success. The stunning flora and fauna and diverse wildlife add to the beauty of the landscape. The picturesque view of the majestic dzongs(fortress architecture) and monasteries offers one of the pristine areas of Buddhist culture. Hiking in forests and birding through a chain of national parks is another part of the journey to Bhutan.