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What is Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance is an insurance policy that covers the contingent costs and losses associated while travelling. It is a backup for your investment in case of uncertain events while travelling domestically or abroad.


Why get Travel Insurance?

Since nothing is certain, it is highly a wise idea to purchase a travel Insurance Policy to protect you from huge losses that can arise due to any unforeseeable events that may occur during your travel. More precisely, Trekking and Expeditions packages do come with some risks as most of the adventurous activities take you to the remotest areas where the weather is unpredictable and rescue services are not readily available. They also cost a significant amount of money so it is highly recommended to purchase a Travel Insurance before heading to Trekking, Expeditions or any other adventurous activity. 


What should the Travel Insurance cover?

Travel Insurance is not only highly recommended but also mandatory for the travellers willing to step out for adventures. As the members might get exposed to extreme weather conditions, high altitudes and other different circumstances that can cause severe health issues, the Travel Insurance must cover the following aspects:


  • Travel Protection

Coverage in case of missed or delayed flights, delayed arrival than the departure date, cancellation of trip due to inevitable reasons

  • Emergency Medical Repatriation

While travelling in remote areas, one must get insured for emergency medical repatriation and evacuation as rescue from these areas can be really expensive.

  • Baggage Lost Coverage

Oftentimes travellers face Baggage Lost issues, causing them to get delayed for their departure or even miss them. In such cases, travel insurance that covers baggage lost can be a less loss deal. 

  • Medical Expenses

Please keep in mind that emergency medical repatriation is different from medical expenses in Insurance Policies. While the former only covers evacuation from the risk while the latter covers the expenses incurred after being rescued such as hospital bills, surgeries and any other medication expenses.

  • (In severe cases, Death)

Nothing is certain. Sometimes, when the situations get worse (Natural Disaster, Plane Crash) and it might come to the matter of life and death, Insurance Policies can help the travellers’ family to get compensated for the loss of life. 


Travel Insurance Policy Checklists:

  • Emergency Medical Repatriation
  • Activities during your Travel (Trekking, Expeditions, Rafting and all the activities you have booked yourself for)
  • Geographical Region ( The region that you are travelling to and if your insurance provider covers that area)
  • Travel Dates
  • Pre-Existing Medical Conditions (If any)