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Hoshi Treks and Expeditions has been effortlessly offering trekking and expedition packages to our travelers not only from Nepal but throughout the world. Our passion and dedication towards our work have enabled us to gain utmost satisfaction from our clients, offering them optimum value for their investment with unforgettable memories and a lifelong experience of adventure. It is a matter of pride for us to be able to boast 100% satisfaction in all our trips. But here are some convincing reasons why we should be your top choice for Trekking and Expeditions:


1. We Prioritize Safety

Undoubtedly, adventure comes with some level of risk. Extreme expeditions, trekkings, and rafting are even more risk-prone. At Hoshi Treks and Expedition, we prioritize our clients’ safety in the first place which is why we carefully analyze their previous experiences of adventure, physical condition, and stamina, and plan our itineraries to minimize any risks that may arise. We constantly monitor the weather forecasts and make necessary changes as required. We make sure our travelers are well acclimatized before covering any high altitude because we know altitude sickness can be brutal if ignored. We organize briefings on what to do and how to execute them in cases of emergencies. We make sure our clients are well aware of all the gadgets and logistics they possess and their usage. 


With us, you are not just a traveler, you become a part of our family, our responsibility. This is why we value your safety along with the adventure that you have undertaken to experience. 


2. We are a team of highly experienced Professionals

Hoshi Treks and Expedition is operated by a team of professionals highly experienced in the field of Trekking and Expeditions. All our team members are dedicated and possess a deep passion for their work. We have organized a number of expeditions and succeeded even in the higher altitude only because of our Extensive Planning and Years of Experience. We are well familiar with even the remotest part of Nepal, which is why you can confidently rely upon us for a wonderful adventurous trip.


3. We opt for Smaller Groups for Quality Trips

We do believe that the smaller the group, the higher the quality of time spent. So, we tend to keep our group smaller with 12-15 travelers at maximum in each group. This allows us and you to explore new places in a much peaceful way making the most of your precious time. Traveling is much easier when we are moving with fewer people. In order to feel independent during the travel as well as feel social during the stay, smaller groups are much preferable. 


As we tend to offer you a lifelong experience of adventure, we want to provide personalized service and care which is possible only when we do not have a huge group moving together. 


4. We offer Customized Trips 

Each and every human being has their own choices, preferences, and interests. Even in adventures, we find a lot of different opinions from different travelers. To address each and every traveler’s requests, we offer tailor-made and customized trips which may include varied itineraries, longer or shorter span of trip, budget tour, luxury tour, trip for a group or an individual anything that is required to match your interest and expectations. That’s where our expertise lies, Your Ultimate Satisfaction. 


5. You get the best value for your investment

Hoshi Treks is committed to offering the best possible experience to our client travelers. We ensure you get the best logistics, best accommodation, joyful trip, loads of beautiful memories, and a reason to always remember us and come back again for more adventures. We hope to provide a bundle of the adventurous package with tons of new experiences worth your investment.